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FZA Series Increase-safety Axial Fan

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Brief introduction

FZAseries increase-safely axial fan (hereinafter referred as increase-safely fan ) is a new forced cooling fan,designed specially for explosion-proof YVP motor which conforms to China National Standards:GB3836.1-2010 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 1: General Requirements and GB3836.3-2010 Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres Part 3:increase-safely"e",explosion protection marks is "KExe II BT4".This fan is impossible to generate arc,spak or other dangerous temperature when it working normal.


FZAseries increase-safely axial fan will provide a strong cooling effect on motor’s surface even motor running with a low speed .Thanks to full enclosed ball bearing,Fan’s protection class reaches IP55, Inside and outside the terminal box with grounded sign & lead terminal .


Description of explosion-proof mark

Operating limits

Rated voltage:380V( ± 5%)
Rated frequency:50Hz
Max altitude:1000M
Relative humidity:85%(25°C)
Ambient temperature:-15°C~ +40°C
Duty type:S1 continuous duty Ignition temperature of explosion gas and dust:not less than 135°C


Power supply:independent
Make sure the rotating direction as the same as fan direction arrow
Use heat-resistant silicone rubber four-core cable (minimum sectional area is 1.5mm²,its rated voltage must suitable for fan’s rated voltage),four single-core cables are unacceptable.
Power lead’s diameter conforms to rubber seals's inner hole or smaller.
Tightening screws, grounded termianl box strongly and without dust or miscellany in the box.
Painting fan with Iron oxide red alkyd primer commonly,Explosion proof mark“Exe II BT4" should be use red enamel. Fans should be stored in a clean,cool place free from acid and alkali fumes ,and the temperature is -10°C 〜+35°C、Relative humidity≤70%. After a long time transportation or store. Check the insulation resistance of winding and shell that is not less than 2MΩ before installation.

The warranty period

Within two years from delivery date, Mingtong will replace or repair the problem fan for free (damage caused by incorrect operation can’t be acceptable)

Overall & installation dimensions

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