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  • This fan adopts aluminum inner rotor motor and nylon (PA66) fan blade as international structure, protection class is IP66. This fan can be done single and three phase, wide voltage, double frequency to meet the requirements of different countries.
  • This type of cooling fan is mainly used for the heater dissipation of variable plasma motor, which has the advantages of low power consumption, low temperature rise ,small vibration, low noise, large wind pressure and so on.
  • Series increase-safely axial fan with rotor will provide a strong cooling effect on motor’surface even motor running with low speed. Fan’s motor cover and terminal box protection class reach IP55.Inside and out side the terminal box with grounded sign&lead termina…
  • FZB series flameproof fan (hereinafter referred as flame-Proof fan ) is a new forced cooling fan,designed specially for explosion-proof YVP motor which manufactured accordings to standard Q/320206JPQD01 -2012:(Axial fan of frequency variable motor),at the same time,this…
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