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  • Series Y2,.This series is long length type whose terminal box is located on the top of fan.B type make better cooling effcect than standard type with blade mounting itself.If you need to install encoder on the standard fan, require different length ,this will turn into…
  • G-series forced cooling fan is comprised fan cover, fan blade, motor and bracket, standard fan cover is made of steel plate which stretching by oil hydraulic press, long-length cover is welding forming by rolling steel plate, air inlet is composed by 8 X 8 holes. The mo…
  • Reduce cooler’s endogenous wind resistance effectively through the special arrangement, improve the cooling flow field of motor, increases heat transfer power under the same volume.
  • Designed for AC/DC motor, it has the advantages of small volume, good cooling effect, low noise, small vibration, easily for installation and maintenance and energy saving. This series of product especially suitable for water shortage and dusty environment.
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